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Tracy Wilson
Date: 17/02/2020

Catherine has been treating my dogs for many years, I first started taking my German shepherd when her arthritis was bothering her, I was told by the vet that she wouldn't live past 10, she's now 17! I truly believe it's down to her regular physiotherapy with Catherine.

I also starting taking my competing agility dog, she was very nervous about being touched but Catherine's gentle ways soon won her round, which turned out to be a god send when she had a accident and slipped a disc in her back and being unable to stand. After lots of physio and rehab from Catherine, she enjoys a happy active life. My current competing dog is a extremely excitable but enjoys his maintenance visits.

I don't think the girls would be where they are now if it wasn't for physio, highly recommended!

Lynne Allan
Date: 17/02/2020

I would recommend this lovely lady to anyone in need of her help with their Pets.

She is very professional and also very caring not only to the animals she is treating, but also shows a lot of empathy to the owners as well and very easily becomes a friend.

Thank you Catherine for everything xxx

Anita Clark
Date: 17/02/2020

When Dyce was diagnosed as having arthritis in 2013.  Catherine came highly recommended to us by Vicky Blount, one of our vets and we immediately booked him in for a visit.  He was a bit suspicious of her at first but by his 3rd visit, he greeted her at the door with a wagging tail and a toy.  He now just drifts off to sleep while he's there.  We have also added Twist to her list now too and although a little wriggly, he does enjoy the treatment.  We visit her regularly and there is always a visible improvement to be seen afterwards.  I would recommend Catherine to anyone who dog needed any physiotherapy treatment ....... your best friends deserve nothing less.

Clare Froom
Date: 14/02/2020

Catherine has been treating Ruby for the past 5 years, first of all getting her back to full fitness after spinal surgery, and recently treating her after she injured her back and suffered nerve damage. Catherine is fantastic and Ruby wouldn't be enjoying life as she is today if it wasn't for her knowledge.







Jim & Susan Drury
Date: 14/02/2020

We can’t thank Catherine enough for helping us with our pack:

Ellie has had a long-term injury which Catherine has slowly & patiently helped to a complete recovery.

Alfie suffers from hip dysplasia & arthritis. He has also recently developed spondylosis in his spine. Although these conditions are permanent, he is always much more comfortable & happier after seeing Catherine.

Both Finn & Hope have had minor injuries sustained in agility training. Catherine has helped them both to quick recoveries & back to training & competition.

All we can say is that Catherine is an amazingly caring & skilled physio. We wouldn't trust our dogs with anyone else.

Winsome Rogerson
Date: 01/08/2019

After my dachshund Millie lost the use of her legs and was operated on, I was given Catherine's name to see if anything could be done for her. With remarkable results, Millie was back to using her legs again, within a very short time! I'm so pleased to have had the opportunity to meet Catherine, and wish her every success in her business. #healinghands #magictouch

Mollie Skorupka
Date: 30/09/2018

In February this year our whippet was totally paralysed in her back and we thought, after falling off a swiveling seat onto her back.

We were given the choices & one was to ask Catherine to try physio on her.

It wasn’t easy following all the things we had to do, exercises & magnetic treatment every 2 hours, but we did as she had told us to do.

Thanks to Catherine our Mollie is back to her old self and we can’t thank her enough.

Now we send Catherine pictures of Mollie and will always be grateful to her for all the kindness she showed and everything she did was fully explained to us.

Lesley & George Skorupka

Caroline Christmas
Date: 30/12/2014

I first contacted Catherine when my beautiful Black Labrador Ozzie was suffering with his hind legs from Canine Myopathy. On first meeting, Ozzie and I took to Catherine immediately, she had a great rapport with him and us, was professional but friendly. She assessed him thoroughly and then explained her plan for treatment, she came regularly every week to see him, sometimes twice a week. She was always contactable and approachable, and she taught me how to help Ozzie and was kind enough to lend me some equipment to help and also pointed me in the right direction to be able to purchase my own. She was totally dedicated to what she was doing and gave more than I could have wished for, I do not believe my lovely boy, who sadly is no longer with us, would have lasted as long as he did without her ministrations.
I would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone.

Joanna Wood
Date: 07/06/2014

Catherine was recommended to me by my vet as my springer spaniel had not achieved full weight-bearing after cruciate ligament surgery 8 months previously. I found her to be very professional, knowledgeable, punctual and friendly. She made a comprehensive assessment and started therapy on the first visit, giving me exercises to continue. Over the next 5 therapy sessions my dog has improved dramatically and she is now virtually back to normal fitness. With Catherine's advice and help she is back to her old self, it's just up to me now to continue the exercises.

Catherine is obviously highly-regarded within the profession as on a number of occasions she had students with her whom she taught and encouraged in a very professional manner.

I have no hesitation in recommending her and I feel very lucky to have met her.

Nathan & Christine Fee
Date: 21/03/2014

I had been out for a routine walk with Roxy, my dogue de bordeax cross. One hour after the walk she was struggling to walk and within 2 hours she was totally paralysed. Roxy was rushed to the emergency vets, who were unsure as to what was causing the problem and we were recommended to attend a specialist referral practice. As it was a Sunday and out of hours when the accident occurred, we kept her restricted in a cage to prevent further harm and sought further veterinary attention first thing on Monday morning.

Roxy was examined and rushed straight into x ray at the referral practice, which unfortunately were inconclusive. The veterinary surgeon stated he was 80% sure that Roxy had slipped a disc in her spine. On examination Roxy had no deep pain perception which indicates severe spinal trauma. The vets offered to perform an MRI, which would hopefully give us the answer to what was causing the problem, but they felt it was an expensive outlay which would not really benefit the situation. They advised we took Roxy home gave her a last night of tender loving care and have her put to sleep. This news devastated myself and my partner Christine who were reluctant to give up hope. Roxy was only three years old and had previously been the fittest dog I had ever seen.

Totally against the idea of having her put to sleep, we spoke about the possibility of physiotherapy. We found Catherine on the web. Catherine came round to the house and examined Roxy, Roxy was not pleased. Catherine confirmed our fears that the spinal cord had undergone severe trauma, but suggested we start a rehabilitation program to give Roxy a chance. Meeting Catherine was a glimpse of hope! After the consultation it was week by week to see if she could improve. Christine provided round the clock care for Roxy, performing exercises every hour and applying nappies as she had also become incontinent. With the equipment and exercises Catherine provided along with round the clock care, Roxy started to show small signs of improvement, regaining weak reflexes in her hind limbs. We were still unable to elicit a deep pain response. We decided to set a time limit of two weeks in which to see a return of the deep pain response, as the referral vet had advised us that after two weeks without a deep pain response it is 99% certain that it will not return. We continued with her rehabilitation routine, using a combination of pulsed magnetic field therapy, neuromuscular stimulation and lots of massage and limb movements. Catherine returned on 'D' day and performed her examination, SUCCESS Roxy felt pain.

From there we carried on with the program and took her swimming in the sea 3 times a week and made a make shift hoist from her harness to help her stand, which progressed to walking. With all these plans in place she regained muscle and strength and is now 90% back to normal. We need to carry on building the muscle in her hind legs, but from the grave prognosis to where she is now we're happy to take that.

It is a 100% to say that without Catherine, Roxy would not be here now. She is a brilliant physio and you know straight away that she has a soft spot for animals. She told us never to give up and we are glad we haven't! Roxy is our pride and joy and to still be able to take her out and spoil her, to have her still in our lives is totally all thanks to Catherine.

Catherine Pickering
Date: 27/08/2013

I am extremely grateful to Catherine Marshall for the professionalism and support that she has given to myself and Rocky. On the day Catherine came I had completely run out of ideas to help him further. On the afternoon Catherine came she gave Rocky a thorough and lengthy assessment. As Catherine worked she explained in easy to understand terms Rocky's problem and how each of the individual exercises would help him to gain muscle tone. Catherine was able to demonstrate Rocky's problem to me, although I was disappointed that she was recommending that I did not ride my new pony for 6 weeks, she enabled me to understand how this was important to help Rocky to gain the muscle strength required to be a riding animal. The exercises prescribed were very easy to carry out and realistic for mine and Rocky's level of horsemanship.

Rocky and I are now looking forward to having lots of fun together. I'm planning to compete with him at Trec and he will make his show ring debut at Kildale show. Without Catherine none of this would be possible.

Karen Aarons
Date: 19/02/2013

I was put in touch with Catherine through the hydro therapy pool where I took my obedience dog, Zeto. He is to say the least, manic in all he does! He is constantly running around at 100 mph and does not know the meaning of slow, which invariably leads to frequent injuries.

He tore his Gracilis muscle in his right hind leg, which if left untreated could have lead to permanent lameness.

Catherine is a star, without her treatment and advice on how to manage this injury, Zeto would have been unable to compete in the sport of obedience. Catherine now treats Zeto on a regular basis to keep him in tip top condition for his work. I cannot speak highly enough of her she's a superstar in my eyes.

Thank you Catherine for keeping my special boy in superb condition.

Fran Taylor
Date: 19/07/2011

My dog Sash damaged her spinal cord over the Easter weekend. Thinking the worst drove the hour’s drive up to Bishop Auckland for a scan, the vet confirmed that part of her disc had broken off and hit her spinal cord paralysing her back legs. The vet was confident that she would get better but would need physiotherapy. In the hope that full movement would be restored, heartbroken and extremely worried I contacted Catherine who was the physiotherapist recommended by the Vets. Catherine was fantastic and came out the very next day; she arranged a physiotherapy programme and showed me and my partner how to massage Sash. After just a few visits the difference was unbelievable, her reflexes where coming back and she began to bare wait on her back legs. Catherine has continued to visit and give treatment throughout the weeks, even going to the kennels whilst I went on holiday (which I did not think I was able to go on). Sash has been back to the vets and they are extremely impressed at how only 9 weeks on she is bouncing around like nothing has happened. She still gets a bit stiff and I just give Catherine a call and she will give Sash a massage and some red light therapy. Really don’t know what I would have done without Catherine and am ever so grateful for all the time and effort, I have and would recommend Catherine to anyone whose pet needed treatment.

Lisa Holmes Lisjovia Pyreneans
Date: 20/05/2011

We imported Delphi when he was 10 months old from the USA, when we got him home and settled we realised his back end movement was appalling. As we had bought him as a show dog this was obviously not good. On the recommendation of a friend we got Catherine to come and have a look at him. She advised us to do different exercises with him and gave him a massage. Catherine spent nearly 2 hours on the concrete floor in the freezing cold with him, that’s dedication!
After just 10 days of doing the work that Catherine suggested, Delphi’s back-end movement is now 100%.
Thanks very much Catherine.

June Woodall
Date: 05/09/2011

I have used Catherine on a number of occasions and her treatments have been very successful. Catherine has always been punctual and given good advice. I would recommend her if your horse has a problem.

Gerald Towers - Yearby
Date: 05/07/2010

Being told by two highly respected and independent vets that there was no hope for the best young bull I had bred in 25 years was devastating.

Apparently due to poor blood circulation, modern medicines are little use for an infected tendon sheath.

Rather than take the advice to shoot him and with little to lose, Cath was given the opportunity to treat him.

I am delighted to report that a year later my herd are successfully in calf to that very mobile "condemned" bull.

I know two vets who now look upon your alternative therapy in a very different light!

Lynne Shanks
Date: 01/07/2010

Snoopy 4 year old German Shorthaired Pointer.

Snoopy was diagnosed with polyarthritis at the age of 2 years. He was referred to a specialist Veterinary surgeon for treatment and we were advised that he may also be prone to cruciate ligament degeneration.

On Catherine's first visit snoopy was found to have asymmetry of the gluteal (hip) muscles and wastage of the quadriceps.

Catherine measured the range of motion of the joints in the hind limb to monitor for progression of disease.

Snoopy enjoyed his treatment and I was given advice on exercise and shown techniques to help maintain movement in his joints.

Catherine treats snoopy monthly working to prevent further muscle wastage and rebuild the muscle mass that he has lost over time enabling Snoopy to have as active life as possible without risking further injury.

Sally Hunter
Date: 01/07/2010

Romeo 4 year Old Thoroughbred x Warm blood

Catherine came to see Romeo after he had had a period of rest over the winter to mature. He was found to be sore in his back muscles behind the saddle area and to have some tension in his near side thigh region.

After Catherine's treatment I was shown stretches to perform to help improve and maintain his flexibility. I have noticed a considerable improvement in his flat work since his treatment.