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Manual Techniques various techniques are used to increase the circulation and relax the muscles, relieve spasm and tension and provide mobility within the joints and soft tissues, reducing adhesions and scar tissue.

Pulsed Magnetic Field Therapy (P.M.T) is the use of dynamic magnets to restore or change a cell's potential to enhance the body's repair process. P.M.T is effective for pain control, nerve regeneration, fracture repair, reducing inflammation and reducing muscle spasm.

Therapeutic Ultrasound is the application of sound waves to an area which helps to increase circulation, enhance collagen production, extensibility and encourage appropriate orientation of the forming collagen fibres. It is an effective treatment for enhancing tendon repair.

Neuromuscular Stimulation is the use of a small electrical current applied to muscles to stimulate movement. Treatment can be used to rebuild or maintain muscle mass and also as a method of pain control.

Phototherapy is the use of blue or red light applied to an area by using high intensity light emitting diodes. Energy from the light beam is transferred into the tissue altering the chemical structure within the cells of the tissue, or in the form of heat. Phototherapy can be useful in treating superficial infections, enhancing wound repair, increasing circulation to an area to reduce muscle spasms and prior to manual treatment techniques.