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Stance Analysis

Now providing Stance Analysis, below is what it is and what it does!

The Companion Stance Analyser is a really useful tool, which enables me to objectively analyse and evaluate the natural stance of the dog and identify any weight shifting/off-loading of a limb due to an injury or developmental weakness.

The first 20% of lameness is undetectable to the human eye, which makes analysis useful to detect subtle changes in performance in sporting or working dogs.

Collection of data from a standing weight bearing assessment can help monitor the response to treatment and provides the owner with a simple report to take home.

The statistics obtained from the report can help to highlight when changes need to be made to a treatment program, which makes it a valuable tool for me in rehabilitation of canines.

Stance analysis has proven to be a useful tool in many circumstances including:-

  • Lameness Examinations.
  • Geriatric/Mobility Clinics.
  • Orthopaedic Examinations/Workups.
  • Pain Clinics.
  • Sports Medicine Evaluations